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Additional Services

Here at Union Savings and Loan Association we have worked hard to get our customers the right services to make their lives easier.


Safe Deposit Boxes

We have many safe deposit boxes available in a variety of sizes at all 4 USLA branches.

Wire Transfers

Need to send someone money fast, or transfer a large amount of money safely and securely? Then a wire transfer is the way to go.

Money Orders

Purchase Money Orders with USLA.

Gift Cards

Don't know what to buy for someone? Get them a Gift Card at Union Savings and Loan, and then they can get what they want!

Prepaid Cards

Get a Prepaid Card from USLA. They are reloadable, and useful for safe internet shopping, the kids away at college, or many other uses.

ATM/Debit Cards

USLA has its very own debit card for all your shopping needs. You can use your MasterCard® debit card for all your purchasing needs or for ATM transactions. Use any one of our nearly 5,000 surcharge-free nationwide ATMs. Just look for the Alliance One logo.


Take control of your ATM or debit card all through your smartphone! Instantly lock/unlock your card, set your own spending limits, get alerts in real time, and limit transactions based on location. Personalize your own security and spending lifestyle through the free CardValet® app for iPhone or Android.

Digital Wallet

Purchasing made easy. Make transactions, track payment histories and store funds all through your smartphone. Simply choose the wallet on your smartphone: Apple Pay®, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay® , add your preferred debit card and you are all set.

Notary Service

Union Savings and Loan offers Notary Service at all 4 of our offices.

Telephone Banking

24 Hour Telephone Banking at 888-76-UNION (888-768-6466)

Order Checks

If you are running low or are out of checks, the staff of Union Savings and Loan will be happy to help you order more. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

As a service to you we also provide the option to order checks directly over the internet.

Order Checks at Deluxe

Have Questions?

We’re available to assist you with your needs. Please give us a call or visit a branch to get started.

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